PiBurn 4.0 Rotary – The World’s Best Roller Rotary Attachment

Update (11/28/2023): The current lead time is 10 business days plus shipping

PiBurn is a patent-pending roller-style rotary attachment for laser engraving machines. Our customers think it’s the best laser rotary attachment that money can buy! (just read the review below) The innovative PiBurn rotary allows you to engrave cylindrical objects such as cups, tumblers, glasses, bottles, and champagne flutes with ease and precision. It will securely hold the object while rotating so that the laser can engrave it line by line.

PiBurn will work with most, if not all, Ruida controller-based laser machines. It’s configured out of the box to work with Boss Lasers, Aeon, Thunder Laser (+$100 extra), Koenig Lasers, OM Tech, TTP Sunray 35, Rabbit Laser, and Laguna as well as many 50W eBay laser machines. Other lasers that our customers use it with are Stealth Laser, E-Bay lasers, and most Chinese-made lasers. For these lasers and some others, The PiBurn works Plug and Play out of the box, no modification required.

Proudly handmade in the USA.

New features in PiBurn V4.0

  • An improved lift mechanism for even better precision
  • Self locking vertical lift mechanism means no more fiddling with a thumbscrew to fixate the height of the back wheels
  • Now, the back wheels move even LOWER to allow for oversized objects and odd-shaped wine glasses
  • We now have an engraved ruler on the back rail for extreme repeatability and quick setup
  • Even sturdier design
  • Markings on the clamp for easy alignment to your laser
  • New styling and color scheme




General info on PiBurn – Read all about the PiBurn and learn our story. 

What can you engrave on the PiBurn? For starters:


engraved tumblers


What else? Find out!

Why buy the Pi?

We asked Todd Tomlinson, who runs an online customization business: Visit His Etsy

If you do the math — say you make just $10/tumbler (I make more sometimes) – that’s only 80 tumblers to pay for a Pi. My first order was for 48 — so paid for 1/2 in one order. Tumblers/Mugs are the easiest thing to sell as everybody wants / uses them. Stan Altshuller and Len Karchevsky created an amazing ATM machine  for your shop. Have faith in your ability to pay for it quickly.

Some customers charge 20$ and even more to engrave tumbrels. But how should our customers go about selling their awesome drinkware?

Here is a suggestion: All you have to do is get in your car – drive down main street in your city – take pictures of the businesses who would likely use or sell tumblers – make one – with their logo – walk in and deliver it and have a friendly conversation. Watch the orders pour in.


Here is a “How To” video from the one and only That Mom with a Laser!


PiBurn 4.0 comes with standard feet or magnetic feel attached, you choose which option you prefer at the checkout. Adjustable magnetic feet are ideal for the slanted bed of Boss and Koenig machines but can be used with any machine. When you don’t need them, they fold away and give you another inch of clearance.

No assembly required! Your PiBurn comes fully assembled, and ready to go!

PiBurn now comes with a Full 1 year warranty for motor and all parts.

You don’t have to worry about the longevity of the PiBurn. We have customers who have engraved thousands of tumblers, and it is still going strong! But now, put all your worries to rest for good because each PiBurn comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts and motor.


Looking for even more versatility? Consider building the PiBurn Omni by adding the Grip to your PiBurn 4:


Add the Grip to your PiBurn to get the Omni!

Note: The Omni configuration only works with PiBurn V4s and PiBurn V3s with a metal hold-down clamp. PiBurns with a plastic clamp will not be able to be configured as Omni.

Feel the Love!  Here is what our customers are saying

I’ve owned two lasers and three rotaries prior to buying the PiBurn. I won’t say I’m an expert as there are many laser owners who have done far more tumblers than me.

I’ve always been leery of the accuracy of rotaries. I could never run something twice and expect it to be exact the same second time. That is until now. The PiBurn has allowed me to step my tumbler game up. I have complete confidence it’ll be the same every time and I’ve tested it. This PiBurn works flawlessly on everything from wood pens (I make these as well) to growlers and everything in between. My only regret is I didn’t buy my PiBurn last year!!

Mark J. Warnow (verified owner) 

I own two rotaries. I purchased the first one at the same time I purchased my laser. I got consumed in learning to operate my new laser and before I even had a chance to set it up my first rotary, the laser community had perked my interest in the PiBurn. I did my due diligence and researched every source I could find. I was truly hoping to be able to talk myself out of the PiBurn (since I already owned a brand new rotary!), but everything I saw/heard convinced me that it truly was the best option – both for ease of use & in it’s ability to handle a greater variety of sizes.

I’m still relatively new to this scene, but after running dozens of tumblers/water bottles, I am convinced it was money well spent. I making a very quiet entrance into the business side of things (primarily through word of mouth), but these tumblers have been my most popular request and biggest money maker thus far.

It’s important to note that the customer service has been superb. I have really appreciated how attentive Stan & Len are. I’ve only had a couple questions/concerns so far, but their responsiveness has been impressive!

Jen Spencer (verified owner) 

What can I say, best accessory purchase I’ve made for my laser. I wanted to try a rotary and even purchased one from my laser manufacturer, that was a mistake. I researched and found the PiBurn, ordered it and haven’t looked back since.
I have 48 tumblers to engrave this weekend and this will be no problem for the PiBurn.
If you are looking for a rock solid, easy to use rotary then look no further, order yours immediately!

Michael Kirk (verified owner)

My old rotary was made of 3D-printed parts. After only a year of heavy use. It started to bend. I ruined so many cups because of this! Once I found the Pi I laughed ,thinking it was overpriced. But I needed a good rotary so I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.
After using it for about 4 months now I can’t believe how cheap I was being!!
This Pi is easy to use. So simple to switch different sizes cups. It’s a time saver and also a quality build! I have not messed up one cup since switching over. I love the Pi!!

Jason M. (verified owner)

This thing is amazing! It’s really expanded our business and after just a week it’s payed for itself! Customer service is amazing, shipping was fast and instructions were very simple/Helpful when I assembled. I think they even come assembled now so even easier!

Matthew Reger (verified owner)

I have owned several rotaries and this one by far outshines them all. The team behind it are fun and helpful. I wish I had seen it sooner so I could have avoided some of the headaches I had with the others.

-Bryan Wilson (verified owner)


We love to serve the vibrant and growing community of makers. Business or hobby, at LensDigital.com we are laser-focused on our customers’ success!

Read our story.

Need Support and tips on Settings? Join our growing community at PiBurn Labs

For more support read the full manual and check out the tutorial videos please visit our Documentation portal

Contact us if you have any questions.

Happy PiBurning!

Len and Stan at LensDigital

We are laser-focused on your success!

Weight 125 oz
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in
Motor Type

Choose For Me (USE THIS if unsure), 2-phase motor, 3-phase motor

Piburn Feet Option

Magnetic Feet Upgrade, Standard Feet

22 reviews for PiBurn Laser Rotary Attachment

  1. Jason Dorsey (verified owner)

    I wanted to like this and maybe I still do. But it certainly has flaws. We have put close to 800 cups through this since purchase and the price point had me expecting better results. These issues are: O-rings not staying situated on the rollers, Rear rolling pin not staying in place while the cup spins (yes it is tightened), height adjustment wheel is squeaky and loose (every other day we have to reset the leveling for the same cups), and the steps per rotation are continuously needing to be altered (for the same size cups). We decided to look at purchasing the Grip attachment after reading how it would eliminate some of these issues and I was happy to see a $50 coupon from the group on facebook. I added the grip to the cart, went to checkout and the total came to $595. Lensdigital said the coupon could only be applied to $600+ and that I needed to “purchase more items”. Buying more items to use a coupon seems counter productive and a little scammy considering the extra items are generally $20+. Do I like using the PiBurn, yes. When it is operating as expected. Will I contiunue purchasing from LensDigital, likely not as we are looking at deals from elsewhere which seem to offer better deals.

    • Heather Britton

      Hi, Jason! Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback. We’re sorry the PiBurn experience hasn’t been smooth sailing for you, however, our Support Team is always here to help. If you’d like to work with our team on the current issues you’re experiencing with your rotary, the link to submit a ticket is below!


      Regarding the discount you mentioned, we set minimum spends for coupons to ensure that the discounts we offer are financially sustainable. We are in the process of comparing whether or not a percentage discount would be more beneficial to customers than a static/flat discount amount. This would, in turn, mean that orders with lower totals would get less of a discount than we’re currently offering on all orders over $600, so we’re weighing it out heavily before making changes.

      We appreciate your candor, and if you ever decide to give us another shot, we’ll do our best to turn things around. Happy engraving, wherever your laser adventures take you! ⚡️

  2. Crystal Roberts

    I bought the piburn Omni not knowing anything about how to use it. I watched a few videos and read the manual and was up and running within 24 hours. Customer service is absolutely amazing and so is the the piburn FB group. If you are on the fence about what rotary to buy…stop debating and go with the piburn, it will quickly pay for itself.

  3. Jan Hines

    Knowing nothing about rotary at the time, a friend told me if he had to do it again he would buy a Piburn. I went with his advice and found it to be an awesome piece of equipment. It’s design considers almost every possible application and is easy to set up and operate. It can do a lot of objects that would simply be impossible with a regular rotary,

    In addition, I think the customer service is probably the best on the planet. Recently, I thought I had an issue with my Piburn and contacted customer support, but it turned out to be a defective part on my laser. They requested video and photos, and we exchanged emails several times a day for almost a week until we got it figured out. I don’t know of another company that would hang in there that long especially when it became obvious that the problem wasn’t with their equipment. Simply incredible.

    I’m forever thankful as I would never have figured out the problem on my own!

  4. Natalie (verified owner)

    I had a rotary that I bought with my Omtech laser and I was very intimidated by it. I never really used it and then I got a Mira 7 and then bought the piburn and it was an absolute game changer! This is one of the best rotaries I have ever used. It’s so straight forward and user friendly. I love engraving cups now and it has really boosted my business. Great customer service as well!

  5. The Laser Chick (verified owner)

    Most versatile and well built rotary device on the market. Highly recommend this device for any upgrade to your laser business. The customer service is beyond anyone’s expectations and that alone speaks millions!

  6. Joe russo (verified owner)

    If you are on the fence about this rotary, get off and BUY IT!! The ease in which you go from size to size alone is worth the cost of admission! But seriously. I had a different rotary and this is the difference between a Tool and a Toy. The precision of this Tool is unsurpassed. Each component is made from quality metal, not 3D printed materials. Wheels are centered and true, gears are crisp without slop or slippage. You will wonder what took you so long to grab one. I have the V4 and looking into the PIBurn Grip! This piece will pay dividends as quick as you want. 100 stars!! Thanks Stan & Len

  7. Maureen M.

    I previously had another brand of rotary – it was my first one, so I thought they all worked the same. When I got a new laser, I switched to the Piburn. What an awesome difference!!! I didn’t know what I was missing! I have the American Pi v. 4 and have recently added a grip. Love the quality and consistency of lasering. No reason to look further if you are in the market for a quality piece of equipment.

  8. Ken

    Absolutely a wonderful product!
    I am going on 30 years in the laser world. Piburn, Stan, and Len are truly great guys with an amazing products! I would give them 10 stars if I could!

  9. Chris H (verified owner)

    Upgraded from V3 to V4. Absolutely nothing wrong with V3, V4 just improved on greatness! Thank you for making such an awesome product. Will always recommend.

  10. William Siers

    I have been using a rotary for 25 years with an Epilog laser, recently I bought a Boss as a replacement the bought the PiBurn V3 and upgraded to the V4, via conversion kit. All I can say is WOW. Solid construction and engineering. Extremely flexible as to what you can engrave. The tech support is the best that I have ever seen for any product!!! They stand behind their product 100 percent and will help you more than you can imagine. This is a “can’t lose purchase “

  11. Jeff Rein

    I have owned many different brands of rotaries, I used to think PiBurn 3.o was the greatest, until PiBurn 4.0 came to life. Literally the easiest and best laser rotary on the market!

  12. Lisa

    PiBurn is a game changer. The 4.0 has even more convenient features for beautiful precision engraves. Time and time again the PiBurn delivers perfection. From heavy bottom glasses to handled mugs, the PiBurn is my tool of choice for a rotary.

  13. Heather Lynn

    If I could give this 100 stars, I would! The build is sturdy, the colors are amazing, and it’s SO easy to use!

    Also, Stan & Len are TOP NOTCH when it comes to customer service and it shows very highly in their FB group, the attention they pay to their customers, and in the products they continue to put on the market.

    This isn’t my first rotary, but boyyyyy am I happy that I upgraded to a PiBurn!

  14. Jason Robison (verified owner)

    Just realized I haven’t left a review yet. Absolutely ROCK SOLID rotary. The easiest that I’ve ever used and fits everything that I’ve thrown at it.
    Yes it costs more than others but it also performs better than the others. You get what you pay for!

  15. Fernando Arteaga

    Best Rotary on the market well worth the money. It paid it self within a couple months. I can do any size tumbler from 10oz to 1gallon yetis.

  16. Cathe Ray

    I have 2 PiBurn 3.0 and converted one of them to a V4. I love the new profile of the height/level adjustment. PiBurn always make my rotary jobs so much easier.

  17. Marissa (verified owner)

    I love my Pi Burn v4! Not a single complaint. Works flawlessly with my Thunder 51.

  18. Luke N

    Absolutely amazing!!! New to laser engraving and did a ton of research before I pulled the trigger! It’s been absolutely amazing! So easy to use! Highly recommend!!

  19. Crystal (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE my PiBurn 4 and the customer service from LensDigital!! Sure, the rotary is a super high quality product but it’s almost more important to know the quality of customer service, should you need it. Stan and Len were there to answer any questions I had along the way and I can’t thank them enough! The second you hook up your PiBurn, it’s starts printing money no, but really – I had zero trouble getting orders once I finally hooked it up. I use it on my Mira 9 90w and I’m so happy with my purchase!

  20. Christina (verified owner)

    I was and will always be extremely pleased with the purchase of my Piburn 4.0. I wanted a simple almost plug and play rotary compared to the one I had previous and this by far exceeded my expectations. If you are on the fence about purchasing the the pi-burn – don’t give it a second chance and just make the purchase. You will make your money back three fold – in no time and that’s no lie.

  21. Jim Morrice

    I bought the piburn 4.0 for My omtech, it was shipped to the UK, it was so easy to set up, I was doing multiple glasses and tumblers a hour after it was delivered to my door, amazing product and well worth the investment!!.

  22. Todd

    Another home run by the Lens Digital team! We love our PiBurn 4.0 — its the perfect companion to our Thunderlaser and has worked flawlessly since the day we received it. The 4.0 with the improved tower makes it easier to switch between various objects that we engrave. From 10oz tumblers up to 40oz water bottles, wine glasses, water glasses, and even dog bowls are a breeze on the 4.0. The return on investment on our PiBurn is an example that if you buy the right tools they pay for themselves in a short period of time and then they continue to make money month after month. Our first order on our PiBurn was an order of 48 coffee mugs — we made $10 / mug which paid for 1/2 of our PiBurn on one of our first orders! It’s simple to set up and use, and for us after hundreds of tumblers it has been absolutely flawless. Its like having an ATM machine in our shop – it just keeps cranking out money.

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