Please use product selector to configure either extensions cables (about 3.3 ft long) or adapter cables which are about 1 ft long.

Extensions cables will have same type of plug on both ends (one end “male” and the other “female”).

Adapter cables will change plug type so you can use your PiBurn rotary on a machine that has a different plug from the one currently attached to the rotary. For example Aeon to generic 2-phase will have 6-pin “male” socket on one end where you plugin in Piburn, and on the other end it will have 4-pin “female” plug that goes into the laser machine.
Please note that it’s impossible to make adapter from 2 to 3 phase motor types and vice versa.

All plugs/sockets are of “aviation” type, common know as GX16.

When you see “Standard” pinout this means that plug will be wired according to the most commonly used wiring schematic.
For 3-phase motors “standard” pinout is:
PIN1:  W Phase
PIN2 V Phase
PIN3* is not connected
PIN4* U Phase
*If 3-pin plug is used, then PIN3 will be connected to “U” phase.

For 2-phase motors “standard” pinout is:

PIN1: A+
PIN2: A-
PIN3: B+
PIN4: B-

Mirror cables are wired in such a way that it will reverse spinning direction of the motor.

Note that some adapters/extension cables have an additional cost due to extra wiring complexity. For example Aeon cables require more expensive 6 pin plugs and there’s an extra work to wire small “short circuit” wire between pins 5 and 6.

If you are unsure what you need, please ask!

For reference only: GX-16 connector also know as “aviation” connector has a black plastic “male” plug with diameter of 12 mm. Socket version of this connector is silver metallic with diameter of 16mm

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in