Please Do not order if you don’t have PiBurn V3

A set of 3 metal magnetic adjustable  feet for PiBurn V3.


  1. Detach Headboard (main part with motor and front wheels) from the horizontal rail by unscrewing 2 M5 screws under the motor.
  2. Remove Back Foot from the rail by unscrewing two M3x8mm Screws
  3. Take the new back foot and slide it into the rail’s side slots, aligning two rectangular T-nuts. Tighten M4 thumb screws attached to the T-nuts a little bit so foot doesn’t swivel too easily.
  4. Attach V-slot cover to the end of the rail behind the foot
  5. Remove Normal Front foot from headboard by unscrewing 2 M4x14mm screws and M4 nylock nuts. Save screws, but you will not need nuts.
  6. Now attach front magnetic foot that has smaller base to the spot where Normal foot was using M4x14mm screws
  7. Position second front magnetic foot with long base under the motor and attach foot and headboard to the rail using included 2 M5x16mm screws. You can see this part in the quick assembly video.
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 5 in