PiBurn OMNI – The Most Versatile Rotary For Your Laser

Update (1/29/2024): The current lead time is 10 business days plus shipping

PiBurn OMNI is a patent-pending rotary attachment that combines roller wheels and a chuck system in one unit. The rotary comes with two separate drive systems and two motors so it’s really two rotaries in one granting you unprecedented power and versatility. The Grip (chuck style attachment) has a dedicated motor and connection plug.

The innovative PiBurn OMNI allows you to engrave almost any object such as drumsticks, growlers, wine glasses, dog bowls, baseballs, bottles, and champagne flutes with ease and precision.

This is not your grandma’s rotary.


The PiBurn OMNI will work with most, if not all, Ruida controller-based laser machines. It’s configured out of the box to work with Boss Lasers, Aeon, Thunder Laser (+$100 extra), Koenig Lasers, OM Tech, TTP Sunray 35, Rabbit Laser, and Laguna as well as many 50W eBay laser machines. Other lasers that our customers use it with are Stealth Laser, E-Bay lasers, and most Chinese-made lasers. For these lasers and some others, The PiBurn works Plug and Play out of the box, no modification required.

Proudly handmade in the USA.

Unique features in PiBurn OMNI

  • A chuck system AND a roller system in one for unparalleled versatility. There is nothing this combination can’t do.
  • Get the back-up and peace of mind your business needs. If one system does not work, you have another one.
  • Never worry about walking or horizontal shift – no need for stoppers, EVER
  • The object you are engraving will not slip, so you can engrave in both directions, not just line by line. This allows for scoring – when the laser moves continuously, like when cutting
  • You can now make multiple passes and engrave multiple levels!
  • Engrave everything from rings and other smaller items to dog bowls and delicate glassware with one tool!
  • Engrave non-cylindrical items with ease
  • The Grip uses a Direct drive system, no belts, no gears – fewer parts to wear and break.
  • There is no need to change steps – only the object diameter when using the Grip. Set your steps for the Roller Wheels seperately.
  • Adjustable angle like the original PiBurn for tampered objects, the system comes with back wheels support and allows the Grip and PiBurn to engave any tapered opbject.
  • Includes rubber-padded “fingers” for the extra delicate glass items
  • Includes extended jaws for large items like Dog Bowls on the Grip




General info on PiBurn – Read all about the PiBurn and learn our story. 

What can you engrave on the PiBurn OMNI? For starters:


Why buy the Omni?

The PiBurn Omni is the most advanced and capable rotary on the planet. It’s for the maker that does not EVER want to say no to a unique order. It is not cheap, but the ROI on this tool is incredible. Is the OMNI for you?

The Omni is for you if….

  1. You never want to refuse a complex order
  2. You want to engrave full wraps
  3. You need the precision of a chuck and the simplicity of a roller
  4. You will be doing many different types of times such as pens
  5. You want to experiment with unique items no one else is selling
  6. You want to engrave on very expensive cups like Yeti and Stanley


Should I buy the PiBurn, Grip, or the Omni?

There are two styles of laser rotaries: Chuck and Roller styles.

PiBurn Grip is a chuck-style rotary. PiBurn 4.0 is a roller. Omni is BOTH. Here are the pros and cons of each. Still have questions? Help me choose!
If you decide you need BOTH systems, you can buy the PiBurn Omni – an innovative multi-purpose rotary that has both Chuck and Roller systems!
The Omni combines the PiBurn 4 roller and then the Grip addon Kit.

Which one do I need?

  • I want to run simple straight tumblers that do not have a handle -> PiBurn 4.0
  • I want to run large batches of tumblers that are all the same -> PiBurn 4.0
  • I am starting out and am new to laser engraving with rotaries -> PiBurn 4.0
  • I want to ease into it, but still, have the opportunity to expand my repertoire later -> PiBurn 4.0
  • I want to be able to engrave odd-shaped items like pens, rings, and dog bowls -> PiBurn Grip
  • I am an advanced user and need the precision of a chuck -> PiBurn Grip
  • I want to do full wraps, and mugs with large handles -> PiBurn Grip
  • I want both, the ease and speed of a roller and the power and precision of a chuck -> PiBurn Omni
  • I want to be able to swap quickly between a roller system and a chuck system -> PiBurn Omni
  • I just want the very best and don’t mind paying a little extra for some functionality I will need in the future -> PiBurn Omni



Already have a PiBurn and want to Upgrade to Omni? Add the Grip to your PiBurn to get the Omni

Note: The Omni configuration only works with PiBurn V4s and PiBurn V3s with a metal hold-down clamp. PiBurns with a plastic clamp will not be able to be configured as Omni.

PiBurn Omni comes with standard feet, but there is an option for magnetic feel available. This is ideal for the slanted bed of Boss and Koenig machines but can be used with any machine. When you don’t need them, they fold away and give you another inch of clearance.

The Omni can also be configured in the stacked orientation:


All PiBurns now come with a Full 1 year warranty for motor and all parts.

You don’t have to worry about the longevity of the PiBurn. We have customers who have engraved thousands of tumblers, and it is still going strong! But now, put all your worries to rest for good because each PiBurn comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts and motor.


Feel the Love!  Here is what our customers are saying about the Grip and Omni

Wonderful and precise rotary option. Versatile and effective. I will definitely be purchasing another for my new laser also in the future.

The Laser Chick  (verified owner) 

Even though I already have 3 different rotaries for my galvo lasers, I ordered The Grip hoping it would help me achieve a greater level of precision and eliminate a lot of the frustration surrounding the standard-issue metal chucks. And it certainly did not disappoint! Fast and easy to swap out items between runs, simple to adjust, and gentle yet secure grip on even the thinnest glassware. HOMERUN!!!

Ida (verified owner: OMNI) 

The grip allows me to engrave all the odd shaped items I have purchased in the past wanting to engrave but couldn’t. I am so excited to own and use this new revolutionary rotary!! It also makes engraving all the things that are harder to set up on the piBurn like steamed glassware and so much more! I also loooove that using my grip allows me to maximize the Z travel space on my Mira 9. I can now engrave bigger things like dog bowls where before they were too tall between the rollers and item to be engraved.
I’ve even engraved tiny things like silicone rings on my new grip!
This is a must have for any laser engraver once they master the Piburn!

Heather Lynn (verified owner) 

The Grip is awesome! I have had a V4 for a few months and I always had issues with tumblers and mugs with heavy handles… well, those are NO problem for the Grip!

It’s also user-friendly and comes with a bunch of options for ways for it to hold onto SO many different types of items!


Beth Parsons (verified owner: OMNI)

The Grip is a fantastic tool for engraving a wide range of products. I’ve been using it for a bit now and love how easy it is to use and it’s opened up possibilities I wouldn’t have with a roller rotary. I’ve got mine set up Omni style. Which means I have both the roller and the grip on top. One thing when using the grip you don’t need to change steps per rotation when engraving different-sized products, this is a huge time saver and simplifies the entire engraving process. If you engrave cups with handles this is the most efficient tool you can use. Many different attachments to choose from. Let your imagination run wild.

-Robert Kofoed (verified owner: OMNI)

The day the Grip was released I was teaching my high school classes. I had the kiddos jump online to help me snag one. I knew they’d sell out fast. I was one of the LUCKY ones who was able to order before they sold out within minutes.

This is a game changer for my business. Every tumbler I’ve done is perfect. There’s no skewing, no guessing, and no trial and error. The grip is foolproof. It’s saved me so much time and money! It’s opened up the door to many possibilities for my laser business. I truly stand behind this amazing product and would be open to answering any questions about this amazing piece of equipment.

-Kathryn Ewers (verified owner)

This grip is the greatest tool for laser engraving. Already saved me money because now I don’t have any mess-up’s at all.

A must buy for anyone doing tumblers.



What comes in the OMNI package?

Everything from PiBurn 4.0 and the Grip Add-on Kit.

The dog bowl extenders are included.


Need Support and tips on Settings? Join our growing community at PiBurn Labs

For more support read the full manual and check out the tutorial videos please visit our Documentation portal

Contact us if you have any questions.

Happy PiBurning!

Len and Stan at LensDigital

We are laser-focused on your success!

We love to serve the vibrant and growing community of makers. Business or hobby, at LensDigital.com we are laser-focused on our customers’ success!

Read our story.

Weight 125 oz
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in
Motor Type

Choose For Me (USE THIS if unsure), 2-phase motor, 3-phase motor

Piburn Feet Option

Magnetic Feet Upgrade, Standard Feet


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