PiBurn Grip Add-on Kit

Update (1/29/2024): The current lead time is 3 business days plus shipping

Transform your PiBurn into a Chuck AND Roller Rotary for unparalleled versatility!

The PiBurn Grip is a patent-pending chuck-style rotary attachment for laser engraving machines. The revolutionary PiBurn Grip brings you incredible precision, repeatability, and the freedom to engrave almost anything you can imagine. It will take your laser engraving to the next level.


With this Grip Add-on Kit, you can transform your PiBurn into the PiBurn Grip in just minutes.


Why is this so exciting?
The Grip is a chuck-style rotary, but it’s more than that. This PiBurn Grip chuck system was designed and built by LensDigital from scratch. It is the only chuck on a rotary designed specifically for laser engraving. Other systems borrowed from the lathe and drilling applications – they are heavy and bulky and can’t hold the delicate glass without breaking it. In short, they are not ideal for laser engraving. The frustration is something we couldn’t let stand!
We have spent years conceptualizing and bringing this tool to makers, and we are so excited at the new opportunities it will open for you and the products you can offer to your customers.

The benefits of a chuck are plenty, but here are a few:


  • Never worry about walking or horizontal shift – no need for stoppers, EVER.
  • The cup will not slip, so you can engrave in both directions, not just line by line. This allows for scoring – when the laser moves continuously, like when cutting.
  • You can now make multiple passes!
  • Frame at high speeds
  • Engrave rings and other smaller items
  • Engrave mugs with heavy handles without the worry of slipping
  • Engrave non-cylindrical items with ease
  • The Grip uses a Direct drive system, no belts, no gears – fewer parts to wear and break and no need to fiddle with steps math.
  • There is no need to change steps – only the object diameter.



And the benefits of the PiBurn Grip above and beyond any chuck are:


  • No tools are required to tighten the Grip! Simple and quick swapping, tighten and loosen with your hands. If you need a little extra, we include a handy little lever to tighten, but it’s super quick and easy.
  • Adjustable angle like the original PiBurn for tampered objects
  • Includes rubber-padded “fingers” for the extra delicate glass items
  • Extra long jaws are currently included for free and are for items like dog bowls, rolling pins, and other odd-shaped items applications.
  • The PiBurn Grip is really two rotaries in one, providing you with backup for your operations – there are two separate motors (chuck has a dedicated motor)
  • Two motors, two plugs – wired how you want them. If you have two different brand lasers you use your PiBurn of BOTH machines.
  • The jaws are interchangeable, so you can configure the Grip to.. well.. grip anything you can imagine!



What can it do?

The better question is, how big is your imagination?

Because it’s so precise, you can engrave with multiple passes and never worry about slipping. And you can level the chuck to allow for tapered objects. You can Grip objects such as rounded bowls that would never sit on a roller. You also engrave small items like pens, cigars, drumsticks, and needle cases that are too small for friction to work on the wheels. No problems on the Grip.


What comes in the box?


The Grip Addon Kit comes with its own motor, plug, mounting bracket and hardware and, of course, the revolutionary chuck developed by LensDigital.

Also included in the Kit are the Grip Headboard (For configuring the Grip without the Roller Wheels), fingers for delicate objects, and metal jaws for incredible versatility with even the smallest items.

NEW: The Extended Jaws for dog bows are currently included FREE with the Pre-orders but in the future, they may be offered as a separate upgrade option.


How should I configure my Grip?

Have a PiBurn 4.0? Great news! You can configure your PiBurn grip in both ways (shown below)

Have a PiBurn 3.0? Is your clamp arm (the hold-down arm with the wheel) metal? Great news! You can configure your PiBurn grip in both ways (shown below)

Is the Clamp on your 3.0 Plastic? Still Good! You can configure your PiBurn grip in the stand-alone configuration (shown below on the lower right)

Want to use the Grip Addon with a Fiber or Galvo laser without the PiBurn rail or supporting wheels? Now you can. Simpy add this Galvo mount. NOTE: Not meant for heavy or long items.



Don’t have a PiBurn?

Get a Grip! 


Buy the PiBurn!


Want to get the PiBurn Omni?

The ultimate rotary for all your laser engraving needs!

Buy the PiBurn Omni

See the PiBurn Grip in Action!

The below video shows a technique called “Scoring.”

It allows the laser to move in a continuos motion, instead of line by line. This is only possible on the PiBurn Grip as any roller rotary will not have enough friction to allow for the back-and-forth motion needed for this technique.


Engrave small objects easily.

Oddly shaped objects that can’t sit on wheels are no match for the Grip!


More videos of PiBurn Grip in action:

Dog Bowl

A Raw Egg



The PiBurn Grip kit comes with the same great support you have come to expect from all our products!

We are ready to help you via the website help chat, online, and via email!

Happy PiBurning and don’t forget to leave us a review and post your results with hashtag #GetaGrip!

Len and Stan

Weight 67 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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