NOTE: This kit is sold ONLY TO OWNERS of PiBurn.  Limited to 1 product per PiBurn  that you own! If your ownership of PiBurn cannot be verified your order will be cancelled.
You  DO NOT need to buy one if you buying a new Piburn, all new Piburn rotaries come with this back stopper pre-installed!

We recently introduced new backs-topper with roller instead  of wheel for our PiBurn Rotary Attachment.

This new stopper has two improvements over the old one:

  • Tall roller profile now can make contact with object that has opening in it (for example if you are engraving a bottle or a wine glass that’s been turned around 180)
  • It can be adjusted further back to allow more of your object surface to be on the back wheels

IMPORTANT: We when purchasing you will be asked for 2 options, first one is for back-stopper roller with arm only and second one is for the new “platform”. Check if you need a new platform as your PiBurn might have one. If your platform is metal and has 3 holes on top, it’s a new if it only has 2 wholes or plastic than you have a choice to order new platform for $10 extra. This is completely optional as new roller will work with any style of platform!

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in