Lightburn camera (OV5648) enclosure and mount (STL Files)

//Lightburn camera (OV5648) enclosure and mount (STL Files)

Lightburn camera (OV5648) enclosure and mount (STL Files)


STL Model Files for Enclosure and mount for LightBurn camera module.

NOT AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL OBJECT!!! Requires 3D printer access.

Mounts with double sided sticky tape.



NOTE: This is not a physical product, it’s a downloadable STL files for universal mount for Lightburn Camera

You will need an access to 3D printer to make final product. We also offer a physical version of this product.

IMPORTANT! This model is licensed only for NON commercial licence. Any reselling or reproduction of this model without our consent is not allowed. 

If you using Lightburn software for your laser cutter/engraver, it now supports a camera module. This enclosure will let you install this camera module to your laser machine. Enclosure swivels up/down on a simple mount and attaches to top of your laser cover with double-sided tape.

Please note that this enclosure fits shown below camera module only. Type of lens is not important, it should work with all of them. Please double check dimensions of your module to match those below (specifically overall length (62 mm), width (9 mm) and hole distances).


3D Print Settings

Approximate print time: 1 hr 35 min
We recommend using PLA filament of your choice. Recommended settings:

  • Infill: 25%
  • Layer Height: 0.2 mm
  • No Supports

Suggested 3D print arrangement:

Required Hardware:

You will need:

  • (3) M3 x 3 mm machine screws
  • M3 x 30 mm machine screw
  • M3 Nut
  • Double-sided sticky tape (no larger than 27 mm x 20 mm piece)

Bonus Mounts:

We also include STL files for

  • Standard Go Pro Double sided sticky tape (rounded)
  • Tripod Mount (thread 1/4″ tripod nut into the hole)
  • 2 axes mount for Boss LS1630 machine door handle (requires (2) M4 x 30 mm machine screws).

How to Assemble

3D print enclosure’s main case, top cover and swivel mount.
Standard files to be printed:

  • LB_Camera_Main_Case_R1.stl
  • LB_Camera_Cover_R1.stl
  • LB_Camera_Adhesive_Mount_R1.stl

First position camera module inside, and secure with three M2x3mm machine screws. Don’t over-tighten.
Position top cover with open end to the same direction as open end of the main case. Check that hole is big enough to pass over your camera lens. Press it down until it latches on and stays securely.  If you need to remove top cover, pry it with flat screwdriver using 4 recessed notches on the sides.

Position swivel mount over main case hinge and thread thru M3x30mm machine screw (long one). Secure with M3 cap nut on other end. Loosen nut to turn camera up or down for correct positioning.

Find good spot on your laser cover to attach mount. Clean it with alcohol for better adhesion. Orient camera so that wire coming out the right side, peel protective film from double sided tape on the mount and attach to the cover.  Double sided tape is very strong, but can be removed if you have to.

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