Please note this is DIGITAL TEMPLATE, and NOT physical product

Impress your customers with a business card that can be used as an actual ruler!  This business card template includes a set of accurate metric and imperial rulers at the edges.  Customers will think twice before throwing this card in the trash and will see your company name every time they use this handy tool.

Template can be used with Fiber or CO2 laser (however only EZCAD project included)

This template grands you rights to use in any of your projects, however you are not allowed to resell digital template itself.


ZIP archive contains following files:

– ruler_card.ezd
This is project for Ezcad2.14.10. If you have different version of EZCad it might or might not open.
Adobe Illustrator 2020 version. Use this to make changes in Illustrator, you will not be able to import this file to EZCad however
– ruler_card_template(legacy).ai
Adobe Illlustrator 8 version. This file can be imported into EZCad
– ruler_card_template_RULER_ONLY(legacy).ai
Ruler Only (dashes and numbers). Adobe Illlustrator 8 version. This file can be imported into EZCad
– ruler_card_template.dxf
DXF Version of file to use with other vector editing programs.

Simplest way is to open ruler_card.ezd file and change settings according to your laser machine. If you can’t open this file, then import into EZCad, ungroup objects and adjust power/speed/hatch settings as needed. Replace QR Code with your own using built in QR Code fonts in EZCad.
Replace text with your own.

Here’s example of settings for 30 Watt Fiber laser for engraving on painted alloy business cards:

Ruler Lines:
Speed: 500 mm/s
Power: 75 %
Frequency: 30 KHz
Hatch: NONE
Text :
Speed: 1000 mm/s
Power: 30%
Frequency: 30 KHz
Hatch: 0.05mm, 90 degree

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