These are STL Files for 3D Printed Mounts to attach Digital Readout (DRO) gauge to Fiber Marking Machine. Provided free without any warranty. Use at your own risk!

Note: This will only fit for a very specific Fiber machine that I got from Aliexpress. If yours looks like mine it will probably work. It had no name or model number…
DRO that I used is iGauge DRO 24″

Print All STL parts out of your favorite material (I used PLA+).
Recommended settings:
Layer Height: 0.2 mm
Infill: I recommend printing dro sensor mount at 100% infill. Rest is up to you (20% is ok).
Support: Not needed. There will be some overhangs over some screw holes in “dro top rail mount” just clean them out with needle noze pliers.


(refer to pictures)

Insert 2 M3 nuts into “dro top rail mount”. “Pull” them in with screw if needed, fit is tight.
Remove 2 M5 screws on top of the column. Install “dro top rail mount” there, using longer (i.e. 20 mm) M5 screws. Don’t tighten them too much.
Attach “dro sensor mount” with two M3x8mm screws to DRO sensor plate. make sure you orient it correctly (check readouts on the screen to see where top and bottom of the rails are).
Now remove M5 screw that holds laser head to the column and attach your DRO using slightly longer M5x16mm screw.
Now align rail, place into top bracket and attach top rail mount cover and secure with two M3x12 mm screws. Don’t tighten yet.
Now alighn your rail, make sure it’s touching bottom of the table, and check that it’s straight ralted to column.
Move column up and down and BE CAREFUL not to bend or break rail! Top mount has slots for the M5 screw that allows you to move this mount adjusting distance of the rail to the column. It should be equial everywhere.
Once everything is aligned tighten all screws.
Now insert two M4 screws into LCD Head Mount Plate. Using two very short (i.e. 10 mm) M6 screws attach plate to the column from the right side.
Now ou can attach LCD mount arm to the mount plate using two M4x12mm screws.