Say no to sticky tape!  Until now the only way to align mirrors on your laser machine was by sticking painter’s tape, burning a spot on it and then painstakingly trying to figure how how much off your beam is from the center.

We’ve developed a custom alignment tool set that clips on mirror holders. Once attached all you have to do is insert a piece of thick paper (target indicator) with cross-hairs and pulse your laser.  Burn mark will show precisely how centered your mirrors are. If it’s off turn adjustment screws of the mirror that delivered beam to the target to compensate.  Then repeat process until it’s dialed in.

Process is essentially the same as aligning with adhesive tape, but with no mess and total precision.

Swap target indicators as needed and use as many as needed. Make more from a cardstock on your laser, template and settings is included in the links below. You can even print them out on any laser or inkjet printer and cut with scissors in a pinch or order more from our store.

  • Attach larger bracket to 1st mirror to align your CO2 tube
  • Attach same bracket to 2nd mirror to align 1st mirror
  • Attach smaller bracket to the laser head that holds 3rd mirror to align 2nd mirror
    Insert it into large hole, but DO NOT push it in all the way, just as long as it stays in it’s fine!
  • Finally to attach 3rd mirror alignment tool (larger diameter than , remove lens hosing and insert tool instead).

What’s new in Latest Version 3:

We just added 3rd and last mirror aliment tool!  Now it’s a complete set that covers CO2 tube and all 3 mirror alignment!
Third Mirror Tool requires removal of lens housing and it gets insert in it’s place.

What will I get with my order

With your order you will receive 3 calibration brackets (one for CO2 tube and 1st mirror, one for second mirror and one for 3rd mirror) and 30 paper target indicators.  You can order these indicator refill at our site or make your own (see download link to the template below)

All brackets are 3D printed (colors may vary) and while we keep small number is stock it might take a day or so for us to make more depending on number of orders and machine availability.

This product is proudly made in USA.

Target Indicator Template

Please use this link to download template for making your own target indicators.

In the archive we’ve included PDF, AI, DXF, RLD (RDWorks 8) and LBR (lightburn) files.

New!: PDF file allows you to make targets much quick by printing them on your printer and then using “Print And Cut” feature in Lightburn (project “target_template_print_and_cut” is also included!)

We suggest using sheets of heavy card-stock paper.  For different power lasers settings will be different. For 60-65W machines we suggest following settings:

  • Paper Engraving (crosshairs):
    Speed: 350 mm/s
    Power: 8% (check if your machine will fire at power this low)
    Mode: Dot  (Spacing 0.80mm, Time 3 ms)
  • Paper Cutting:
    Speed: 100 mm/s
Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .5 in