Boss Laser Mirror Alignment Tools

Last week we’ve launched new product in our store under slogan “No More Tape!”.  It’s set of mirror alignment jigs similar to the one we’ve developed few years back for eBay 50W laser machine.

This tool-set was custom designed for Boss Laser Generation V machines. It allows to align 1st and 2nd mirrors as well as CO2 tube.

Concept is simple. Specially designed 3D printed brackets fit onto mirror holder. Brackets/jigs have slot where you insert disposable target indicator (a piece of cardstock with engraved/printed cross-hairs) and test fire laser to see where exactly it burns the target. No more messy sticky painter’s tape that not just a pain in the butt to use but also nearly impossible to see where beam hits in relations to the actual mirror location.

Targets cam be discarded and replaced with freshly made ones as template and settings is included. Or if desired you can order a refill at our store.

We sent out several alignment tools to beta testers (thank you so much!) and it seems there was an issue with 3rd mirror tool on some machines. Because tool was designed to clip on the side of laser head that also houses 3rd mirror) it didn’t fit if this head was mounted lower than usual.   After some headbanging I redesigned 3rd mirror alignment tool to fit ALL (I hope) machines, as long as big hole opening is around 20.5 mm (I think all Gen V machines have same mount). New design is two piece part that requires some minor assembly (on our end).

Because of this and more expensive material (PETG had to be used to due to it’s flexibility) I had to increase price slightly for a full set (both mirror jigs and set of paper targets).
To those of you who placed an order that was already shipped, please let us know if you have issues with fitting of the 3rd mirror tool. Orders that haven’t been shipped yet, will be upgraded to new mount at no extra charge.

Big Move

In other news we are moving to a new home and office in New Jersey.  Move will start in following weeks, during which we will not be able to fulfill orders , so if you need something (alignment tool, focal gauge, chiller cable or PiBurn rotary) please order ASAP.