This 4 foot long cable has 4-pin Aviation style plug that works with Boss Lasers LS-1630 and higher models (3-phase stepper motors).

You 3-phase stepper will have 3 or 6 wires.  Stepper has 3 terminals named “U”, “V” and “W”. You have to know which wire goes to which terminal.  If motor has 3 wires, each one will correspond to either U, V or W terminal.

If it has 6 wires, two will go to U, two to V and two to W.  Just tied both wires going to same terminal together so you will have just 3 in the end.  Here’s an example of 3-phase motor with 6 wires (COLORS of your wires might be different!!!!):

In the above example you will connect brown to yellow, white to blue, and black to red so in the end you will have just 3 connection point that will be soldered to this cable.

Solder the other end of cable to your 3-phase NEMA-23 stepper motor like so:

  • “W” wire(s) from Stepper to Black wire (Pin 1 on plug)
  • “V” wire(s) from Stepper to White Wire (Pin 2 on plug)
  • “U” wire(s) from stepper to Green Wire (Pin 4 on plug)

Please insulate each wire with electrical tape or included heat shrink tubing. Cut heat shrink tubing into 3 equal pieces and place on wire before soldering them. Heat-shrink tubing shrinks when it’s heated, so slide it over soldered joint and apply heat from heatgun or another heat source.


Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 in


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