This Adapter Cable is for PiBurn with 3-phase motor ONLY. 3-Phase stepper motors have 3 wires (designed as U,V and W). Most laser machines use 4-pin socket even for 3-phase motors so it’s a standard for any 3-phase PiBurn rotary. However if your laser has a 3-pin GX-16 socket, you can purchase this adapter cable.  Adapter cable will have a “male” 4-pin connector on one end (this is where you plug in your PiBurn “female” 4-pin plug) and a 3-pin “female” plug on the other end (you plug this into your laser machine)

This adapter will use our standard pinout (from 4 pin plug to 3 pin plug):
PIN1 (W) to PIN1(W)
PIN2 (V) to PIN2 (V)
PIN3 is not connected
PIN4 (U) to PIN3(U)

If you are unsure what you need, please ask!

Do not order if you have a 2-phase or a servo motor (with 4 wires).

For reference only: GX-16 connector also know as “aviation” connector has a black plastic “male” plug with diameter of 12 mm. Socket version of this connector is silver metallic with diameter of 16mm

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in