PLEASE CHOOSE CORRECT MOTOR TYPE!  For Boss Laser anything ABOVE LS-1420 requires a 3-PHASE MOTOR.

PiBurn is a roller style rotary attachment device for those who already owns a laser engraver/cutter machine.  Rotary Attachment allows you to engrave cylindrical objects such as cups, tumblers, glasses, bottles, pens, etc.  It will securely hold the object while it’s being rotated so laser can pass over it and engrave it line by line

PiBurn will work with most if not all Ruida controller based laser machines. It’s configured out of the box to work with Boss Lasers and 50W eBay laser machines. Can be adopted for other machines that already have rotary compatibility built in.

Handmade in USA!

Please see more info on :

IMPORTANT fulfillment info:

We currently ship within 2-3 days from receiving an order! Sometimes even next day 🙂

Due to it’s size and moving parts PiBurn is shipped partially assembled to avoid shipping damages. However assembling it is very easy.  Download Quick Assembly Guide here

Please chose correct option when ordering!

When ordering please select motor type (either 2-phase or 3-phase).
To find out which one you need please visit Pi Burn Support page and choose “What Kind of Motor Do I need” topic in FAQs section.
Similarly look up Plug Type that you will need.
Finally select Length. Measure space inside your laser machine to make sure it will fit. Length includes motor. For Boss LS14xx models pick shortened version.
Contact us if you have any questions!

For Quick Assembly Guide, full manual and tutorial videos please visit our Documentation portal!

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Motor Type

2-phase motor, 3-phase motor

Motor Plug

Boss, Custom, Disconnected, Generic Chinese

PiBurn Length

Extra Long (41 in), Mini (400mm), Shortened (494.1mm), Standard (562.1mm)


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