In my last post  I described how I selected laser cutter/engrave from eBay. Here I’ll describe how and what I received, plus there’s going to be an unboxing video 🙂

Seller was located in California so I wasn’t too worried about shipping part. However it did take couple of weeks to finally receive it.  Major delay was from snow storms that we had here on East Coast.   Laser was shipped by Road Runner Transportation company and according to tracking info that seller provided to me package was a hefty 240 lb.

Once package arrived to upstate New York hub, I decided not to wait and contacted shipping company myself.  We scheduled delivery for next Monday, but that didn’t happen due to heavy snow. Fortunately delivery was rescheduled for next day.

As I mentioned we did get a lot of snow on Monday, and I spent lots of time clearing up my long driveway so the delivery truck could make it. And they did.  Finally I had this big wooden crate in my garage!

Now this is what I call unboxing!  Crate came with a pallet. It was heavy. It took me about 10-15 minutes to remove all the screws that were holding plywood sides. And voila my laser machine was in front of me.

Here’s Unboxing Video:


Few things I noticed during unpacking.  Plywood sides were not attached to at the bottom. I’m not sure if it was opened for inspection but no matter, it didn’t look like anything got damaged. Fluorescent lamp fell off it’s brackets, but didn’t break. Few screws fell off, but I found them all inside.

Cutter was wrapped in cellophane and it really protected it from foam that literally fused with everything it touched.  I noticed that one of the USB ports was falling inside, looks like thread was stripped. These USB ports are the same as used in computer add on brackets, so it’s easy to replace if needed.


Now I had a little of a dilemma. How to bring this heavy machine to my basement. With only help of my wife, it was going to be a difficult task. So I decided to remove whatever possible to lighten the load.  I was able to took almost all of the metal doors.  They all are held by a spring hinge which is easy to move to the side to remove door.


Big front door also held with gas lifts, but they were easy to unscrew with a 13mm wrench.

Door in the back of the unit was most challenging as it has fan and water/air inlets. Water/air hoses were easy to take off (some water leaked out in the process, looks like it was watered (for testing?) at some point).
I had to cut zip-ties holding fan/water sensor wires to the door, and unwrap spiral-wrap to free up fan cable. BTW,fan cable is super thin, probably 28AWG, have to be careful with it..
After that me and my wife got it downstairs (without dropping!) I put everything back together and powered machine (without water or laser tube).

Steppers came back to life, framed moved and auto-centered.  At least mechanically everything seemed to work great!  But menu was in Chinese!

In my next post I will talk about changing menu language, and trying to get laser to fire.