Been working on this little tool for several weeks and finally it’s ready for the world!

What is Ramp Focal Gauge? It’s a simple tool for finding out optimal focal distance from tip of your laser engraver to the material.  It takes “ramp test” method to a new level.  After you place it correct under your laser nozzle, and load template into machine’s memory, it will burn a clear markings on the replaceable temple that will show where your best focal distance is from the tip of the nozzle.  No calipers, rulers or anything else required, just your eyes!  Takes minutes to use so you can quickly identify best settings, especially when you change lenses.

Gauge works best with Boss lasers because of the “knife blade” table, to which it fits securely. But it will work on any other service as well, just make sure you align it well. Works with auto and manual focusing lasers!

I spent a lot of time on writing detailed manual and filming video instructions guide!

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