When I realized how inexpensive powerful LED chips became I decided to look into building my own Super Duper LED Flashlight. But before I can do that, I wanted to see what it takes to drive a 100 Watt LED array.

So I got this LOHAS 100W LED Chip off Amazon for around $10, and a DROK 600Watt DC-DC boost converter to drive it.  There are cheaper DC power supplies, but I wanted one that has adjustable current so I paid a little more.

I recorded my “experiment” on video, pictures picture is worth a thousands words, and video worth a 60 pictures per second 🙂

I was a little disappointing that I got nowhere near advertised 100 watts, and not quite sure what the problem was.  Current adjustment on DROK DC supply was pretty much worthless, and one can get by a simple $5 DC-DC booster like this one.

Not seen on video is how I tried powering LED with a 12V lead acid battery I took out of broken UPS.  It wasn’t able meet demand. But later on I got 4.5Ah LiPo battery and it didn’t even break a sweat. But that’s story for another post 🙂