DIY pin table that I made a while back seemed great at first, but then I realized that not all rivets have same height. I only measured few from first box, and they looked to be same height, so I didn’t check others.  I didn’t really notice this until recently and got a bit upset.

So meet DIY Pin Table 2.0 or what I call it a “Stud Table”.  First of all, I didn’t come up with idea. One of the Facebook’s “Laser Engraving and Cutting” group members made one for his laser .

It’s so easy to make, it’s not even funny. No cutting, measuring or drilling!  Super cheap too, it cost me whooping $8  from Amazon.

All you need to build this is around 100 of Stud Rivets. These are chrome plated metal spikes that punks like wear 🙂


There’s a catch. It will only work with laser cutter that has perforated z-bed. Like SH-G350 for example.

So here’s how to make one.

  1. Buy 100 15mm or taller screwback studs on Amazon
  2. Remove screws, place studs in “tactical” locations on your perforated z-bed and screw from the bottom.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Yup, it’s that simple!  I used 15mm tall studs, because I didn’t want to spend more than $10, but you can get 20mm or even 50mm studs if you want.

Things to watch out for.

  1. Studs are very reflective so it’s possible to get “flash burns” on the underside of your material. I’ve tested it with acrylic, but it was fine because masking stopped reflections from damaging acrylic.
  2. Stud finish might be highly toxic in vapor form. I doubt that my CO2 laser can melt it tho, so I think it’s reasonably safe, but I will not be held responsible for any health issues, so please do this at your own risk!