Real Time Clock upgrade adapter Kit (DS1307 to DS3231)

Real Time Clock upgrade adapter Kit (DS1307 to DS3231)
Real Time Clock upgrade adapter Kit (DS1307 to DS3231)
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This kit allows you replace DIP (thru the hole) DS1307 time chip with a more precise SMD (surface mounted) DS3231 RTC. Fits perfectly in Xronos Clock 2.x PCB but will work for other application (if it physically fits).

Requires desoldering of thе old 8 pin chip, however if you used IC socket instead of soldering thatn you can just pop old chip out and insert this one it it's place!

Kit comes with everything needed to do upgrade:

  • PCB with DS3231 pre-soldered
  • 8 pin IC socket (you will not need it if you alredy soldered one in your main PCB)
  • 2x4 Swiss machined pins

Steps to upgrade your RTC (please reffer to product photo for correct installation orientation):

  1. Solder 2x4 swiss machined pins into this kit PCB
  2. If your old RTC chip soldered into main PCB carefully desolder and remove old DS1317 RTC and clean PCB holes with solder vaccum or wicker.If you aready have socket installed just remove old RTC and skip next step.
  3. Solder in IC Socket into Xronos main PCB (in place of where DS1317 chip was).
  4. Insert new adapter. Observe correct orientation or you will burn it.
  5. Add DS3232RTC library to Arduino IDE
  6. Replace line of code in Xronos sketch:
    #include <DS1307RTC.h> to #include <DS3231RTC.h>
  7. Compile and upload new code to Xronos.

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